About Us

About Us

Travel Dreams is the leading travel related services company in the country offering a broad range of services that include Leisure Travel, MICE,
Foreign Exchange, Insurance and Visa & Passport services. The company had set up its first office
in India in 2013 and in the very next year it opened its first branch office in Lucknow.

Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To enhancing the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients around the world.

Our social responsibility

  • We have created an initiate called” Sharing is Caring” in which part of earnings of our special programs are given to the small children who are striving for a better social environment and fighting for their basic needs such as food, clothes and education.
  • We educate our clients to protects the cultures of the respective destinations that they decide to travel.
  • Our travel products convey a fair picture of the regional cultures involved and do not interfere more than necessary with the practice of those cultures.
  • We give preference to sustainable means of transport and accommodation.

Our Vision

To be most trusted travel agency in the country known for making the dream of travel possible.


Our Key Value





Our Managers are taught to demonstrate the courage of their convictions by doing what they know is right even when there is pressure to do the other while building the long-standing client relations.We deliver what we promise
We are creative and we believe in solving the problem in an innovative way. With a young team of individuals, great products, open minds and clients with complex and unique challenges, we just can’t help ourselves to be innovative.

Customer care


Team Work

We are available round the clock for any bookings, information, assistance or complaints for improving the customer satisfaction.
We are partners with our clients , colleagues and our community , and we give our best to work together to produce extra ordinary results.